Presentation Date Topic Student Initials Live Presentation?
4/15 Open-source Tools for Penetration Testing HD Y
4/15 Biometrics KB Y
4/15 Security in Cloud Computing DEL Y
4/15 TOR Network and Anonymous P2P Connections GLC Y
4/15 Aaron Swartz, SOPA, and the Biggest Bully of All NR Y
4/15 SCADA Security Threats SA N
4/15 Analysis of Crypto-Currencies HM N
4/29 DDoS JND Y
4/29 USA Cyberwarfare Operations JPV Y
4/29 Security Issues for the Internet of Things AGAS Y
4/29 Steganography and Steganalysis JPN Y
4/29 Cyber Warfare: The future of War and a Threat to Global Order SHP Y