Homework #3
Problems for this homework are from the textbook.

You must submit your work work via email to your instructor and CC your TA before midnight the day the homework is due. Failure to do so will result in penalties, see the syllabus for grading detail.

Problem Page Points
1 3.3 229 5
2 3.5 229 5
3 3.9 229 10
4 3.12 230 15
5 3.31 232 15
6 3.35 232 5
7 3.40 232 10
8 3.44 233 20
9 4.12 274 5
10 4.45 276 5
11 see (i) below 75
Maximum mark (100%) 170

(i) In this exercise you'll have to compare the performance of two computers using a real-life application, in this particular case a ray-tracing program. The name of the program is POV-Ray and can be downloaded from povray.org.

You'll have to compile and run the executable on two different computers, for example your own and one in the CS computer lab, and then render the same scene on each computer. You'll have to measure rendering time and compare the relative performance of the two computers.

The base scene to be used for benchmarking can be found here. You must modify the benchmark.pov file such that you have a camera location and light_source unique to your own.

Here is what you'll have to turn in:

  • A detailed description of the two computers you've used for running the benchmark. Include detail such as CPU type and speed, amount of main memory and speed, etc.
  • The execution times on each of the two computers and a statement as to which computer is faster and by how much then the other one.
  • Copies of the rendered scene on the two computers (.jpg or .png files).
  • A copy of benchmark.pov you used to run your tests.

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