Homework #2

Problems for this homework are from the textbook.

1. 2.10 (page 84) (10 points)
2. 2.11 (page 85) (10 points)
3. 2.12 (page 85) (5 points)
4. 2.13 (page 85) (5 points)
5. 2.34 (page 90) (10 points)
6. 2.28 (page 87) (60 points) The two computers will be an IBM-PC compatible an a UNIX workstation (one of the deltas for instance). You will run the Dhrystone benchmark and the C program (actually one of the two versions, you decide which one) you wrote for HW1. You are to find the source code for the benchmark; you may try for instance to run a search on the WWW. In any event make sure you run the latest version of the benchmark and don't forget to clearly state where you got the code from. Also, don't forget to write down in your report what compiler you have used and what optimization(s). Attach the source code to your paper.

Maximum mark: 100 (100%)