Wireless networking (WINET) research group at the department of computer science, Illinois Institute of Technology engages in fundamental research on wireless sensor networking, mobile computing and networking, and various applications on top of these networks. Our research work is largely motivated by the needs of real-time information gathering through embedded sensor networks in unattended environments and effective information sharing over various networks such as Internet. Our group members' research interests span wireless networking, mobile systems, embedded systems (especially wireless sensor systems), smart-phone-based computing, networking and data security, and new networking paradigms. We emphasize both analytical and empirical approaches, and build actual systems to validate our theoretical results and also refine system principles based on observations obtained from experimental work.

    Our research has been supported by USA NSF, NSF China, and other funding resources. We currently are developing wireless sensor networking systems and applying this revolutionary technology to critical scientific and social applications; developing wireless ad hoc networking systems using WiFi and/or Bluetooth, and applications on top of these wireless ad hoc networks. The definition of the term, "sensor", is intentionally broad and abstract to include a wide range of data and/or information providers. This for example, includes models and not just physical instruments capable of sensing a phenomenon. Human reports, RADAR, satellite feeds, and thermometers are all examples of sensors within the context of a sensor systems.

Leading PIs

Prof. XiangYang Li, Department of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology.

Some Projects Conducted by our WINET group

  • CPS medium projects on wastewater processing. PI: XiangYang Li; Co-PI: ShangPing Ren, Paul Anderson, Fouad Teymour. This is an NSF funded project.
  • Cognitive Radio Networks: study some fundamental performance limits on CRN, and do system implementation and verfication. This is an NSF funded project.
  • GreenObs for forest monitoring (collaboration with YunHao Liu from HKUST, JiZhong Zhao from Xi'An JiaoTong, Ming Gu from Tsinghua, GuoMo Zhou from Zhejiang Forestry Univ, GuoJun Dai from HangZhou DianZi, HuaDong Ma from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications).
  • OceanSense, Sensor Network for Sea Monitoring (collaboration with YunHao Liu from HKUST).
  • Multihop wireless ad hoc networks (collaboration with Ming Gu, Tsinghua University).
  • BlueSense for dam monitoring (collaboration with G. Dai, X. Shen and others from HDU China).

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