15-849: Cognitive Networking - Reading List

Fall 2009

The readings for the course will be added throughout the semester. Note that access to some of the papers requires a CMU IP address, i.e. you need to be on campus or use a VPN to campus.

Lecture 1: Introduction

No readings

Lecture 2: Overview

Lecture 3: Spectrum Policy 1

Lecture 4: Spectrum Policy 2

Lecture 5: Case Study: TV White Spaces

Lecture 6: Cognitive Radios

Lecture 7: Cognitive Radios and MAC

Lecture 8: Using SDRs

Lecture 9: Network Coding

Lecture 10: Cross Layer Cooperation

Lecture 11: Building Conflict Graphs

Lecture 12: Using Conflict Graphs

Lecture 13: Using Channel State

Lecture 14: MIMO Review

Lecture 15: Cooperative Communication in Cellular

The goal of this lecture is to compare some of the techniques used in cellular systems with the WiFi techniques we have discussed earlier in the course. Hence, focus on the concepts, and feel free to skip the low level discussion on PHY implementation.

Lecture 16: Diagnostics

Lecture 17: Spectrum Sensing

Lecture 18: Spectrum Coordination

Lecture 19: Spectrum Coordination 2

Lecture 20: Spectrum Coordination 3

Lecture 21: XG Policy Management

Lecture 22: Security