In April 2011, we launched the CitySee system as the extention of GreenOrbs into urban CO2 monitoring area. CitySee inherits the self-organizing WSN technology of GreenOrbs. The goal of CitySee is to deploy thousands of wireless sensor nodes in an urban area of Wuxi City, China, such that multi-dimensional data including CO2, temperature, humidity, light, location, and etc. could be collected in a real-time manner for further analysis. The main applications of CitySee include measuring the carbon absorbance and emissions in different zones of a city, supporting the government’s policy decision in energy saving and emission reduction, and offer citizens with convenient daily living services.


  • Prof. Xiang-Yang Li
  • Xufei Mao
  • Publications

  • Xufei Mao, Xin Miao, Yuan He, Tong Zhu, Jiliang Wang, Wei Dong, Xiang-Yang Li, Yunhao Liu. Citysee: Urban CO2 monitoring with sensors. In Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM 2012.
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