Driver-texting Detecting


Driver-texting now becomes a huge problem in car driving safety. The risk of crash or near event crash happened over 23 times if the driver text messaging when drive a heavy vehicles or trucks. For this project, the main challenge is Detecting Drivers, which means we need to distinguish the driver from the passengers. There are some related work, such as ‘Detecting Driver Phone Use Leveraging Car Speakers’ from Mobicom 2011 which declaim a solution by using car speakers. But there must be some hypotheses which are unexpected like the speakers must be made some changes. So our solution will not change anything, just by using smartphone sensors to collect some features like Gyro, GPS, Acceleration and so on and then learn some patterns of the critical actions made by a driver. If user’s behavior matches these patterns, we can know that they are texting while driving a car. We also suggest some preventing methods.


  • Xuesi Jian
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