Personal Cloud


Personal Cloud project tries to connect all the home/office and mobile devices together to form an integrated cloud application that will work collectively to share data as well as computing resources. The system consists of three major components: commercial cloud, home/office cloudlet and mobile computing network. We are trying to develop a software framework, as the ultimate goal, that aggregates home/office and mobile computing resources with proper allocation, such that developers could use it to build applications/services with efficiency, mobility and privacy.

Inspired by three observations: the emerge of commercial cloud computing, which combines powerful computers together as one service; The promising future of mobile computing, which utilizes and aggregates the smart mobile devices; And the simple fact that people spend most time in office and at home, where personal computing happens. We want to merge all personal computing devices together to establish a personal cloud system. This system tries to connect all available office/home computers and mobile smart devices and achieve functions such as data sharing, remote control and collaborative working with efficiency, consistency, availability and security.


  • Guobiao Yang
  • Shukun Xie
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