Smart Grid


Current electricity grid, which has been in operation for more than five decades, suffers from low energy efficiency, poor security and heavy pollution. To overcome these shortcomings, smart grid was proposed and has received much attention ever since. Currently, smart grid still faces many challenges such as efficient integration of renewable energy sources, real-time control of smart devices, intrusion detection, etc. Our work on smart grid involves researches both on the macro scope and micro scope. On the macro scope, we try to establish a real time price (RTP) system which encourages consumers to utilize the unstable renewable energy (Solaris, wind, etc). On the micro scope, we try to integrate smart appliances (appliances with computation and communication abilities) into the smart grid. Our focus of this part is how to efficiently manage those appliances to help the consumer save money. Our research involves both theoretical studies and real-world implementations.


  • Jing Zhao
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