Topic-based Search Engine


The main functions of a topic-specific search engine are topic-oriented information crawling, information extracting and indexing, structured data integration and storage, and finally information retrieve services. The topic-specific search engine is to meet the needs of Web users for specific information storage and retrieve. Compared with the general search engine, the vertical search is more domain-specific and can provide the Web users more types of information retrieving results. Therefore, the vertical search is a new developing trend of Internet information retrieve. In this project, we focus on the key problems of vertical search engine, which includes the construction of domain knowledge repository, topic-specific information crawling and extracting, non-structured information indexing, structured data integration, and so on. Based on the achievements in this project, we plan to implement a framework of vertical search, which integrates Map/Reduce and HDFS.


  • Zhibin Zhao


  • TBD.

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