Kluwer Academic Publishers in cooperation with ACM announce a Special Issue of the Journal on Special Topics in Mobile Networking and Applications (MONET) on Non-Cooperative Wireless Networking and Computing

With Guest Editors


Xiang-Yang  Li

Department of Computer Science,

Illinois Institute of Technology,

10 West 31st Street,

Chicago, IL 60564

Email:xli AT cs iit edu


Xiao-Hua  Jia

Department of Computer Science,

City University of HongKong, HongKong

Email: jia@cs.cityu.edu.hk

Ophir  Frieder

Department of Computer Science,

Illinois Institute of Technology,

10 West 31st Street,

Chicago, IL  60564

Email: ophir@cs.iit.edu


YanTai  Shu

Department of Computer Science

TianJin Univeristy, TianJin, P.R.China

Email: ytshu@tju.edu.cn


Recent years saw a great amount of research in wireless networks, especially wireless ad hoc networks. These works involve a number of theoretical aspects of computer science, including approximation algorithms, computational geometry, combinatorics, and distributed algorithms. Much of the existing work in wireless ad hoc networking assumes that each individual wireless node (possibly owned by selfish users) will follow prescribed protocols without deviation. However, each user may modify the behavior of an algorithm for self-interested reasons. Several different approaches, notably the Nash Equilibrium, strategyproof mechanism design, have been developed to deal with the non-cooperative behavior of the wireless nodes.


This special issue solicits the papers addressing the following issues for non-cooperative wireless networks, but not limited to:

·         MAC layer management and protocols;

·         Power management;

·         Topology Control

·         Network layer management;

·         Network control and management;

·         Routing protocols;

·         Pricing policies in public networks;

·         Service Provider;

·         Analysis and simulation protocols

Publication Schedule

Manuscript Submission: June 30th, 2004

Acceptance Notification: December 1st, 2004

Final Manuscript Due: January 31st, 2005

Submission Guidelines

All manuscripts should be single column, double-spaced and not longer than 20 pages, excluding figures, tables and references. Each manuscript should include the full list of authors with their affiliations, e-mail addresses, and full postal addresses. Submissions also should include an abstract no longer than 300 words, together with a list of up to five keywords or phrases.


If the submission contains previously published material, the Guest Editor must be notified at the time of submission. No article published in or currently submitted to other journals or books can be considered for publication. Revised or extended versions of papers printed in conference, workshop, or symposium proceedings may be submitted to this journal.


The authors should submit the paper in PDF or Postscript format to Xiang-Yang Li at xli AT cs iit edu according to the publication schedule. The subject of the email should be “MONET Special Issue Submission”. If email submission is not possible, then six (6) hard copies of the paper should be sent by the due date to the address above.


All submitted papers will be reviewed following the standard procedure.