IPRO 307: Well-Shaped Mesh Generation

Fall, 2001

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Title: Designing a Three-Dimensional “Mesh” to Improve the Quality of Graphical Simulations Used in a Variety of Professions.


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Xiang-Yang Li


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Appropriate Disciplines: Applied mathematics, computer science and computer information systems, electrical and computer engineering, civil and architectural engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, materials engineering, chemical and environmental engineering, business, design, and any others interested in the development of this technology for various simulation environments

Description: This project focuses on building a three-dimensional high quality “mesh” for scientific simulations. Since the quality of the mesh affects the accuracy and convergence of numerical systems, having a high quality mesh is one of the most important requirements for conducting numerical simulations. Currently, most of the software packages cannot theoretically guarantee the quality of the mesh generated. The purpose of this project is to implement a selected set of algorithms that have a theoretical quality guarantee in order to study their practical performance compared with heuristics-based methods. We expect that peer researchers in various fields could use the software developed to conduct scientific simulations. In addition, the developed software will also provide the building block for later numerical simulation systems and computer graphics related systems. The major activities of the project are to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge related to computer science and other engineering departments. This project provides students from engineering and other fields with knowledge of computer science, including programming, algorithm design and analysis; and provides students from computer science with knowledge of scientific simulations and how to apply their knowledge to solve practical engineering problems.

Faculty Contact Information: Professor Xiang-Yang Li (CS) (x75207 or xli@cs.iit.edu)



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Overall Plans: Meet at HUB for an overall introduction.

Week 1 Plans: Introduce the basic background about mesh generation: what is mesh generation, what is the Delaunay triangulation, what is the Delaunay refinement methods (in two and three dimensions)? What are slivers? How to remove slivers and so on.

Students shown up: Hamed Sharifi, Paul Griffin, Tsin Yi Jen, Samir Verma, Xiaofeng Zhou, Tze Wei Yeow. Marin Saric.


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