[6/2020] Received the Best Reviewer Award in ICWSM 2020.
    [6/2020] Invited to serve as a PC member for WSDM 2021.
    [6/2020] Two papers are accepted in ECML-PKDD 2020.
    [4/2020] One paper is accepted in SIGIR'20.
    [3/2020] Received the ASU CIDSE Doctoral Fellowship.
    [11/2019] One paper is accepted in ICWSM'20
    [8/2019] Invited talk (remotely participating) at Microsoft AI on Learning with Weak Supervision.
    [8/2019] Invited to serve as a PC member for AAAI'20.
    [6/2019] Invited talk at Microsoft Research AI Power Lunch talk series on fake news detection.
    [6/2019] Received the student travel award for KDD'19.
    [6/2019] Two papers are accepted in ASONAM'19.
    [4/2019] One paper on "Explainable Fake News Detection" is accepted in KDD'19.
    [4/2019] Our tutorial on "Fake News Research: Theories, Detection Strategies, and Open Problems" is accepted in KDD'19. See you in Anchorage, Alaska!
    [3/2019] One paper on exploiting emojis for sarcasm detection got accepted at SBP.
    [3/2019] Invited to serve as PC member in ASONAM'19.
    [11/2018] I gave an invited talk on "Fake News on Social Media: Characterization and Detection", at the Second International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Optimization (WAIO 2018).
    [11/2018] One paper is accepted in AAAI 2019.
    [10/2018] 2 papers and 1 tutorial are accepted in WSDM 2019. Check here for more details for the tutorial.
    [08/2018] I was interviewed by Data Skeptic, the most downloaded data related podcast on iTunes, talking about our research on fake news detection.
    [07/2018] FakeNewsTracker was awarded the Challenge Winner for the disinformation challenge in SBP 2018.
    [07/2018] We released a tool FakeNewsTracker, for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing of fake news and the related dissemination on social media. Check it out!
    [03/2018] ''The data defenders'', ASU Now.
    [02/2018] I attended WSDM 2018 and gave a spotlight presentation. The datasets will be available soon!
    [12/2017] The FakeNewsNet dataset is available now! Github, Kaggle.
    [10/2017] Our survey about fake news detection on social media is featured in KDNuggets!