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Publications and Activities


  • Program Committee member, Model2005, UML 2004.

  • Guest Reviewer DKE Journal

  • Reviewer of special issue on "Auto-adaptive and Reconfigurable Systems" of the Wiley InterScience "Software, Practice and Experience" journal.

  • Lead organizer of the Aspect Oriented Modeling with UML Workshop held in Conjunction with Aspect Oriented Software Design (AOSD) and Models (UML) conferences.

  • Senior member Concurrent Programming Research Center, IIT.

  • Omar Aldawud, Tzilla Elrad, Atef Bader.  Addison Wesley, a chapter on Aspect Oriented Modeling.  October 2005.

  • Mark Mahoney, Atef Bader, Tzilla Elrad, Omar Aldawud, Using Aspects to Abstract and Modularize Statecharts, The 5th Aspect-Oriented Modeling Workshop in Conjunction with UML 2004 Lisbon, Portugal, October 2004.

  • Tzilla Elrad, Omar Aldawud, Atef Bader. Aspect Oriented Modeling - Bridging the Gap Between Design and Implementation. Proceedings of the First ACM SIGPLAN/SIGSOFT International Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering (GPCE 2002). October 6-8, 2002 Pittsburgh, PA, USA. PG 189-202.

  • Omar ALdawud, Atef Bader, and Tzilla Elrad. Aspect-Oriented Modeling to Automate the Implementation and Validation of Concurrent Software Systems. Workshop on Specification, Implementation and Validation of Object-oriented Embedded Systems (ECOOP2001). Budapest, Hungary. June 19, 2001.

  • Omar ALdawud, Atef Bader, and Tzilla Elrad. Automatic Code Generation using an Aspect Oriented Framework. Workshop on Automating Object-Oriented Software Development Methods (ECOOP2001). Budapest, Hungary. June 19, 2001.

  • Omar Aldawud, Atef Bader, and Tzilla Elrad. “Weaving With Statecharts” AOSD 2002.

  • Omar Aldawud A UML Profile for Aspect Oriented Programming, OOPSLA 2001.  Tampa, Florida.

  • Omar ALdawud, Atef Bader, Constantinos Constantinides, and Tzilla Elrad.
    Modeling Intra-Object Aspectual Behavior. International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE2001), Workshop on Software Architecture. Toronto, Canada. April 2001.

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Software Engineering

An Accelerated Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Java

MS Access Database


Security Camera Installation

Security Camera Store






Aspect Oriented Modeling with UML workshops held usually in conjunction with AOSD and Models / UML conferences.


AOSD Modeling Workshop

W1 @ AOSD 2002 W2 @ UML 2002  W3 @ AOSD 2003 W4 @ UML 2003
W5 @ UML 2004
W6 @ AOSD 2005 W7 @ Models05
W8 @ AOSD2006



Car Dealers software VIN decoder application


Leather Bag Store case study spring 2014 for CS425 and CS 445