CS570 Advance Computer Architecture

Instructor: Xian-He Sun

Department of Computer Science

Presentation Guideline

Presentations may be done by any member or all members of the group. You will be judged on the clarity, content and organization of the presentation. This document is designed to help you prepare a good presentation.

There are two parts to the Presentation: the presentation and the class discussion. The goal of the presentation is twofold: explain to the class what your problem is, and to propose a solution. Following the presentation, the class will critique your work and may offer suggestions for improvements.

There are four parts to the presentation

There will be 12 minutes allocated for this presentation plus 3 inutes for class discussion and questions. The presentation part is strictly limited to 12 minutes in order to leave time for discussion. Since there is a wide variety of disciplines represented in the class and a limited amount of time, you will have to carefully extract the essential elements of each part of the presentation. The class needs to understand enough about the problem and your work. Plan your presentation so it does not run over your time limit. Expect questions for clarification during the presentation. PPT for the data projector are encouraged.

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