Some Selected sub-Projects Conducted for this CPS projects

  1. Optimization the energy cost for waste water processing based on Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  2. Integration of the wireless sensor communication nodes and the DO sensors (students: Yue Tao, Cheng Bo, Eric Duan, ShuFenfg Niu)
  3. Efficient data query protocols for large scale wireless sensor networks (students: XiaoHua Xu, and ShaoJie Tang)
  4. Water flow modeling (students: Junjie Zhu)
  5. Event modeling and caculus (student: Ke yue)
  6. Security protocols for wireless sensor networks (students: Juan Garcia and Hao Bian)
  7. Model based simulation software (Arun Kumar)
We developed several software for displaying and managing the data. If you are interested in obtaining these softwares, please contact XiangYang Li by email. Prof. XiangYang Li and 15 students visit Stickey WRP on March 17th, 2011. We later visited the Stickey WRP Several times (for example, September 14th, 2011 as a large group). Yue Tao has visited Stickey several times for DO sensors installation during March and April 2012.

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