Classes Created or Taught at IIT:

  1. CS 595/495: Social Networking: Theory and Applications
  2. IPRO 316: Belief Propagation in Social Networks 2012 Fall semester. Co-taught with Jennifer Miller and Sanjiv Kapoor. This is for undergraduate student project
  3. CS 330: Discrete Structures.
  4. CS 430: Introduction to Algorithms.
  5. CS 595: Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems>, now CS 557.
  6. CS 557: Cyber-Physical Systems: Networking and Applications
  7. CS 530: Theory of Computing.
  8. CS 549: Cryptography and Network Security.
  9. CS 595: Economics and Computer Science.
  10. CS 532: Formal Languages.
  11. I also teach CS591-192 (Master Research and Thesis), CS691-192 (Research & Thesis for Ph.D) and CS597-192 (CS Read/special Problems).

See the complete list of courses that I taught at IIT.