CS525 - Advanced Database Organization - 2023 Spring

Course webpage for CS525 - 2023 Spring taught by Boris Glavic

Quiz 1

Plagiarism and any kind of copying will result in 0 points and possibly academic sanctions!
  • Handout Date: 02/06
  • Submission Deadline: 02/22 (one minute before midnight)
  • Quiz: Download the questions from here quiz1.pdf
  • Solutions: Download the solutions from here quiz1_solutions.pdf.


The following topics are covered in the quiz.

  • Index structures:

    • B-tree: Inserting and deleting entries, compute the size of a B-tree
    • Hashing: Regular hash tables, extensible and linear hashing
  • SQL querying: write SQL queries
  • Writing relational algebra expressions
  • Translation from relational algebra to SQL
  • Relational algebra equivalences
  • Result size estimation
Last updated on 2 Jan 2023
Published on 2 Jan 2023