Current Projects

  • Microsoft Accelerate Foundation Models Research Award, Microsoft, 2023-2024. PI.
  • Intelligent Multi-Scale Modeling of Distributed Resilient Infrastructure and Workflows for Data Intensive HEP Analyses, DOE, 2023-2028. Co-PI.
  • Targeting Challenges in Computational Disinformation Research to Enhance Attribution, Detection, and Explanation, NSF, 2023-2026. Site PI.
  • Attribution, and Undermining the Attribution, of Text, while providing Human-Oriented Rationales (AUTHOR), IARPA, 2022-2026. Co-PI.
  • Templated Hierarchical Estimation for Generalized Understanding of Influence Strategy and Execution, DARPA, 2022-2024. PI.
  • Developing Trustworthy and Accessible Tools to Mitigating Disinformation in Marginalized Communities, IIT ACT Center, 2022-2023. PI.
  • Enabling Intelligent Marketing Decision-Making of Heavy Machinery Products with AI, XCMG American Research Corporation, 2022-2024. PI.
  • Intelligent Management of Hybrid Workloads for Extreme Scale Computing, NSF, 2021-2024. Co-PI.

Completed Projects

  • Behavioral and Game-theoretic Parameterized Models for Pandemic Prediction, IIT ACT Center, 2022-2023. Co-PI.
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence with Fairness and Privacy, Cisco Faculty Award, Cisco System Inc, 2022-2023. PI.
  • Google Cloud Credits Award, Google, 2021-2022. PI.
  • Research Project Development in Type 2 Diabetes, IIT Seed Grant, 2021-2022. Co-PI.
  • Addressing the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic: Detection, Classification and Assessment of Personalized Treatment Alternatives with AI, Discovery Partners Institute, 2021-2022. Co-PI.
  • GWU IDDP Research Fellowship Award, The George Washington University, 2021. PI.

Acknowledgments: Our lab would like to thank generous support from NSF, IARPA, DARPA, DOE, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, GWU, XCMG American Research Corporation, Discovery Partners Institute, and Illinois Institute of Technology. Thank you!