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Professor Omar Aldawud is an adjunct faculty and a member of a research team in the Computer Science Department at IIT. Omar currently teaches Object Oriented Design and Programing (CS445), Software Engineering (CS 487), Database Organization (CS425 and CS 525), Object Oreinted Design Patterns (CSP 585), and other classes ranging from basic programming languages to advanced software engineering. I earned my PhD from IIT with honor in December of 2002.

Omar has founded Hostitwise, Website design & Support and co-founded and the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer for Green T Marketing a Software Development and SEO company in Chicago, IL. Previously Omar worked for Alcatel-Lucent as a Software Architect and Product manager for 15 years.

Omar is an active researcher on Aspect Oriented Modeling with UML.  His research objectives are tied to the mission of the Aspect Oriented Modeling Workshop Aspect-orientation is a rapidly advancing technology. New and powerful aspect-oriented programming techniques are presented at the International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development. However, it is not clear what features of such techniques are "common aspect-oriented concepts" and what features are rather language-specific specialties. Research in Aspect-Oriented Modeling has the potential to help find such common characteristics from a perspective that is at a more abstract level (i.e., programming language-independent). The ultimate goal of research in AOM is to provide aspect-oriented software developers with general means to express aspects and their crosscutting relationships onto other software artifacts.

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Software Engineering

An Accelerated Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Java

Object Oriented Design and Programming

MS Access Database


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Case Studies - CS 487
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Surveillance Shop Case Study

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As part of my research position at IIT I researched many new technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Agent based technologies and currently I'm researching using standard Object Oriented Modeling Languages "UML" for Aspect Oriented Software Systems (AOSD). As part of my research I'm an organizer of the Aspect Oriented Modeling with UML workshops held usually in conjunction with AOSD and Models / UML conferences.


AOSD Modeling Workshop

W5 @ UML 2004
W6 @ AOSD 2005 W7 @ Models05
W8 @ AOSD2006