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cs402 - Introduction to Advanced Studies II - Fall 2018



Make sure you always show your work. This way you may get partial credit in case the final result is wrong. In any event, please try to prove your statement(s).

Assignment Date posted Date due
HW-1 8/20/18 9/10/18
HW-2 8/20/18 9/24/18
HW-3 8/20/18 10/8/18
HW-4 8/20/18 10/22/18

Computer Architecture Labs

The lab for the Computer Architecture portion of this class is designed around the MIPS architecture. Your textbook ("Computer Organization and Design: the hardware/software interface") covers the MIPS architecture in detail.

Your lab work will be done using SPIM, a MIPS32 simulator. You are required to install the software on your own computer and become familiar with using it. You can download the software and get additional information about the simulator from the official SPIM web page.

NOTE: Make sure you download the most recent version of QtSpim as QtSpim is the actively maintained version of the simulator.

Links to the labs are provided below. Your Lab Instructor will provide guidance as to how to turn your work in. As a general rule you'll need to maintain a git repository for your code and share the repository with your class and lab instructors.

  • Lab1 (Getting Started with SPIM)
  • Lab2 (MIPS: The Virtual Machine)
  • Lab3 (Control Stuctures in MIPS)
  • Lab4 (Register Usage and Procedures)
  • Lab5 (Memory Issues)

Programming (C) Labs

Links to these labs will be posted on the Blackboard.