Homework #1

Implement in Java a class Coin that describes a coin with a name (e.g. dime) and a value (e.g. 10 cents).

Also implement a class Wallet that describes a collection of coins. Supply a method add() to add a coin to a wallet, and a method printContent() that prints out to standard output the contents of a wallet in the following format:

coinName (coinValue): numberOfCoins


penny (1 cent): 11
dime (10 cents): 3
nickel (5 cents): 2
euro (100 eurocents): 5

In order to test your Wallet class you'll also implement a class WalletTest whose main() method does the following:

  • Constructs an empty wallet
  • Prompts the user to enter the name of a coin (e.g. dime), or an empty string to quit
  • Prompts the user to enter the value of a coin (e.g. 10 cents)
  • Adds the coin to the wallet
  • Prints the contents of the wallet
  • Goes to the 2nd bullet point above

Please note that the following two coins are identical:

dime (10 cents)
Dime (10 cents)

In addition to the above, your Wallet should supply a method equals() that tests whether two coins have the same name and value.

Don't forget to re-read the syllabus to make sure you understand all the deliverables for assignments in this class, including this one.

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