cs445 - Fall 2016

Project - Questions And Answers


Many thanks to the following students who have contributed questions for this section and or have helped collect and document the questions and answers:

  • Rahi Dharmendra Shah
  • Christopher Ver Hoef

Q: Do we need to develop the REST client?

A: No, you only need to implement the back-end.

Q: Who sets the delivery date of the order, the customer or the system?

A: The delivery date for the order is always the day after the order has been placed.

Q: Is it possible to have products from multiple farmers in an order?

A: No, for this project an order contains products from a single farmer.

Q: Related to the requirement "A consumer should be able to see all products available for them to order": can consumers see products from all farmers or only those that deliver in the consumer's zip code?

A: Only the products that can be shipped in consumer's zip code.

Q: Our project requires us to perform unit testing. This is expected for the base classes, but is it possible to perform unit testing for the REST controller?

A: If you keep your REST controller *very light*, then you don't need to do unit testing on it.

Q: In the reports, how do we calculate the LF2U management fee and the general LF2U fees for any given delivery? The API and project description don't mention anything about it.

A: In a commercial product we'd probably have REST services that allows the Admin to view/update the LF2U fee. For this project I decided that the LF2U fee will be "hard-coded", in order to keep the number of use cases as low as possible. So, you shall assume that the LF2U is 3% of the order total. The order total is the sum of products cost and delivery fee.

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