Ioan Raicu

Illinois Institute of Technology

Argonne National Laboratory

About Me

Dr. Ioan Raicu is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science (CS) at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), as well as a guest research faculty in the Math and Computer Science Division (MCS) at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). He is also the founder and director of the Data-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory (DataSys) at IIT. He received the Young Achievers in Scalable Computing award from the IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC); this international award recognizes junior faculty and scientists who have made outstanding, influential, and potentially long-lasting contributions in the field of scalable computing. He has received the prestigious NSF CAREER award for his innovative work on distributed file systems for extreme-scales. He was a NSF/CRA Computation Innovation Fellow at Northwestern University, and obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Chicago under the guidance of Dr. Ian Foster in 2009. He is a 3-year award winner of the GSRP Fellowship from NASA Ames Research Center. His research work and interests are in the general area of distributed systems. His work has focused on defining and exploring both the theory and practical aspects of realizing many-task computing across a wide range of large-scale distributed systems. He is particularly interested in resource management in large scale distributed systems with a focus on many-task computing, data intensive computing, cloud computing, grid computing, and many-core computing. Over the past decade, he has co-authored over 100 peer reviewed articles, which received over 10K citations, with a H-index of 40. His work has been funded by the NASA Ames Research Center, DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research, the NSF/CRA CIFellows program, the NSF CAREER program, the NSF CRI program, and the NSF REU program. He has also founded and chaired several workshops, such as IEEE/ACM MTAGS, IEEE/ACM DataCloud, ACM ScienceCloud, and IEEE CASK. He is on the editorial board of the IEEE Transaction on Cloud Computing (TCC) and the Springer Cluster Computing Journal (Cluster). He has been leadership roles in several high profile conferences, such as SuperComputing/SC, HPDC, CCGrid, Grid, eScience, Cluster, ICAC, and BDC. He is a member of the IEEE and ACM. He has been a TED speaker advocating for a renewed interest in computing in our younger generation as the key to feeding the explosive growth computer science is currently experiencing. He has been a strong supporter of engaging students early in their educational careers (high school and undergraduate students) to prepare them for graduate school and careers in research.

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