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High-Impact Publications (ordered by citation counts)

Over the past decade, I have co-authored over 100 peer reviewed articles, book chapters, books, journals, conference and workshop papers, which received 6094 citations. My H-index is 31 and my M-Index is 2.38; these metrics are often used as useful indexes to characterize the scientific output of researchers. My full list of publications can be found at Non-peer reviewed articles can be found at My Google Scholar Profile which includes all the latest citation information can be found at Below is the list of my high-impact publications contributing to my H-Index, ordered by citation counts. 

  1. Ian Foster, Yong Zhao, Ioan Raicu, Shiyong Lu. “Cloud Computing and Grid Computing 360-Degree Compared”, IEEE Grid Computing Environments (GCE08) 2008 (2430 cites)
  2. William Allcock, John Bresnahan, Rajkumar Kettimuthu, Michael Link, Catalin Dumitrescu, Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster, "The Globus Striped GridFTP Framework and Server," IEEE/ACM Supercomputing/SC, 2005 (514 cites)
  3. Yong Zhao, Mihael Hategan, Ben Clifford, Ian Foster, Gregor von Laszewski, Ioan Raicu, Tibi Stef-Praun, Mike Wilde. “Swift: Fast, Reliable, Loosely Coupled Parallel Computation”, IEEE Workshop on Scientific Workflows (SWF07) 2007 (348 cites)
  4. Ioan Raicu, Yong Zhao, Catalin Dumitrescu, Ian Foster, Mike Wilde. “Falkon: a Fast and Light-weight tasK executiON framework”, IEEE/ACM SuperComputing/SC, 2007 (316 cites)
  5. Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster, Yong Zhao. “Many-Task Computing for Grids and Supercomputers”, Invited Paper, IEEE Workshop on Many-Task Computing on Grids and Supercomputers (MTAGS08), 2008 (240 cites)
  6. Jennifer M. Schopf, Ioan Raicu, Laura Pearlman, Neill Miller, Carl Kesselman, Ian Foster, Mike D’Arcy. "Monitoring and Discovery in a Web Services Framework: Functionality and Performance of Globus Toolkit MDS4", Technical Report, Argonne National Laboratory, MCS Preprint #ANL/MCS-P1315-0106, January 2006 (211 cites)
  7. Ioan Raicu, Zhao Zhang, Mike Wilde, Ian Foster, Pete Beckman, Kamil Iskra, Ben Clifford. “Toward Loosely-Coupled Programming on Petascale Systems”, IEEE/ACM SC 2008 (136 cites)
  8. Michael Wilde, Ian Foster, Kamil Iskra, Pete Beckman, Zhao Zhang, Allan Espinosa, Mihael Hategan, Ben Clifford, Ioan Raicu. "Parallel Scripting for Applications at the Petascale and Beyond", IEEE Computer Nov. 2009 Special Issue on Extreme Scale Computing, 2009 (91 cites)
  9. Ioan Raicu, Yong Zhao, Ian Foster, Alex Szalay. “Accelerating Large-scale Data Exploration through Data Diffusion”, IEEE International Workshop on Data-Aware Distributed Computing (DADC08) 2008 (84 cites)
  10. Tonglin Li, Xiaobing Zhou, Kevin Brandstatter, Dongfang Zhao, Ke Wang, Anupam Rajendran, Zhao Zhang, Ioan Raicu. “ZHT: A Light-weight Reliable Persistent Dynamic Scalable Zero-hop Distributed Hash Table”, IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS) 2013 (74 cites)
  11. Catalin Dumitrescu, Ioan Raicu, Matei Ripeanu, Ian Foster. "DiPerF: an automated DIstributed PERformance testing Framework", IEEE/ACM GRID04, 2004 (69 cites)
  12. Sherali Zeadally, Ioan Raicu. “Evaluating IPV6 on Windows and Solaris”, IEEE Internet Computing, Volume 7, Issue 3, May June 2003, pp 51 – 57 (68 cites)
  13. Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster, Yong Zhao, Philip Little, Christopher Moretti, Amitabh Chaudhary, Douglas Thain. “The Quest for Scalable Support of Data Intensive Workloads in Distributed Systems”, ACM International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC09), 2009 (59 cites)
  14. Yong Zhao, Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster. “Scientific Workflow Systems for 21st Century e-Science, New Bottle or New Wine?”, Invited Paper, IEEE Workshop on Scientific Workflows (SWF08) 2008 (59 cites)
  15. Catalin Dumitrescu, Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster. "DI-GRUBER: A Distributed Approach for Grid Resource Brokering", IEEE/ACM International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SuperComputing/SC05), 2005 (56 cites)
  16. Ioan Raicu, Sherali Zeadally. “Evaluating IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Mechanisms” , IEEE International Conference on Telecommunications 2003, ICT'2003, Volume 2, pp 1091 – 1098, Feb 2003 (54 cites)
  17. Ioan Raicu, Pete Beckman, Ian Foster. “Making a Case for Distributed File Systems at Exascale”, Invited Paper, ACM Workshop on Large-scale System and Application Performance (LSAP), 2011 (52 cites)
  18. Zhao Zhang, Allan Espinosa, Kamil Iskra, Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster, Michael Wilde. “Design and Evaluation of a Collective I/O Model for Loosely-coupled Petascale Programming”, IEEE Workshop on Many-Task Computing on Grids and Supercomputers (MTAGS08), 2008 (45 cites)
  19. Yong Zhao, Ioan Raicu, Shiyong Lu, Xubo Fei. "Opportunities and Challenges in Running Scientific Workflows on the Cloud", IEEE International Conference on Network-based Distributed Computing and Knowledge Discovery (CyberC) 2011 (44 cites)
  20. Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster. "Many-Task Computing: Bridging the Gap between High Throughput Computing and High Performance Computing", Computer Science Dept., University of Chicago, Doctorate Dissertation, March 2009 (43 cites)
  21. Ioan Raicu, Loren Schwiebert, Scott Fowler, Sandeep K.S. Gupta. “Local Load Balancing for Globally Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks”, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 1: 163–185, 2005 (39 cites)
  22. Alex Szalay, Julian Bunn, Jim Gray, Ian Foster, Ioan Raicu. “The Importance of Data Locality in Distributed Computing Applications”, NSF Workflow Workshop 2006 (39 cites)
  23. Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster, Mike Wilde, Zhao Zhang, Alex Szalay, Kamil Iskra, Pete Beckman, Yong Zhao, Alok Choudhary, Philip Little, Christopher Moretti, Amitabh Chaudhary, Douglas Thain. "Middleware Support for Many-Task Computing", Cluster Computing, The Journal of Networks, Software Tools and Applications, 2010 (38 cites)
  24. Sheralli Zeadally, R. Wasseem, Ioan Raicu. "Comparison of End-System IPv6 Protocol Stacks", IEE Proceedings Communications, Special issue on Internet Protocols, Technology and Applications (VoIP), Vol. 151, No. 3, June 2004 (38 cites)
  25. Yong Zhao, Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster, Mihael Hategan, Veronika Nefedova, Mike Wilde. “Realizing Fast, Scalable and Reliable Scientific Computations in Grid Environments”, book chapter in Grid Computing Research Progress, ISBN: 978-1-60456-404-4, Nova Publisher 2008 (37 cites)
  26. Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster, Alex Szalay, Gabriela Turcu. “AstroPortal: A Science Gateway for Large-scale Astronomy Data Analysis”, TeraGrid Conference 2006, June 2006 (37 cites)
  27. Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster, Yong Zhao, Alex Szalay, Philip Little, Christopher M. Moretti, Amitabh Chaudhary, Douglas Thain. “Towards Data Intensive Many-Task Computing”, book chapter in Data Intensive Distributed Computing: Challenges and Solutions for Large-Scale Information Management, IGI Global Publishers, 2012 (33 cites)
  28. Hui Jin, Xi Yang, Xian-He Sun, Ioan Raicu. “ADAPT: Availability-aware MapReduce Data Placement in Non-Dedicated Distributed Computing Environment”, IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS) 2012 
  29. Michael Wilde, Ioan Raicu, Allan Espinosa, Zhao Zhang, Ben Clifford, Mihael Hategan, Kamil Iskra, Pete Beckman, Ian Foster. “Extreme-scale scripting: Opportunities for large task-parallel applications on petascale computers”, Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing Conference (SciDAC09), 2009 (32 cites)
  30. Catalin Dumitrescu, Ioan Raicu, Ian Foster. “Experiences in Running Workloads over Grid3”, The 4th International Conference on Grid and Cooperative Computing (GCC) 2005 (32 cites)
  31. Dongfang Zhao, Da Zhang, Ke Wang, Ioan Raicu. “Exploring Reliability of Exascale Systems through Simulations”, ACM HPC 2013 (31 cites)


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