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Argonne National Laboratory

Networking and Distributed Systems in High-Energy Physics at Fermi National Laboratory

Dr. Gabriele Garzoglio & Dr. Dave Dykstra & Parag Mhashilkar
Distributed Offline Computing Services Group
Grid and Cloud Computing Department

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory  

Stuart Building 113
Friday, April 8th, 2011
11:00AM - 12:00PM

This event will present three speakers from Fermi National Laboratory, namely Gabriele Garzoglio, Dr. Dave Dykstra, and Parag Mhashilkar. Dr. Garzoglio will begin with a brief introduction to Fermilab and the Computing Division.


Speaker: Parag Mhashilkar

Title: Integration of asynchronous data stageout mechanisms in overlay workload management systems

Abstract: As a member of the SciDAC-funded Center for Enabling Distributed Petascale Science (CEDPS), Fermilab is collaborating with the Condor team, University of Wisonsin, and Glidein WMS project. The Glidein WMS system uses Condor to create an overlay batch system on Grid resources. The collaboration wants to enable the system to release the claim on the resources at the end of a job before data stage out is initiated. This asynchronous data stageout mechanism is being integrated in the Condor batch system. We seek an independent student with good analytical skills to understand how to best deploy the infrastructure, run functionality and stress tests, fix potential defects, etc. This talk will present an overview of the CEDPS project at Fermilab. 

Bio: Parag has 12+ years of experience in the secure software design, development, testing and integration. Parag specializes in the system level development for Distributed/Grid infrastructure and multi-tier & multi-platform development. Parag has 10+ years of experience in interacting with customers for subject matter understanding, requirement gathering and designing solutions at various levels.   Parag has been working with Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) since March 2005. Currently, he is the Technical lead for the glideinWMS project and is managing the CEDPS project in Fermilab.   Prior to Fermilab, Parag worked as a Systems Engineer as part of the Condor Project at University of Wisconsin, Madison.  

Speaker: Dr. Dave Dykstra

Title: Test utilization of the 100 Gbps network ANI test bed and the ExTENCI Wide Area Lustre test bed for the use cases of High Energy Physics (HEP)

Abstract: Fermilab has won a timeshare slot for use of the Advanced Networking Initiative (ANI) 100 Gbps network test bed (google "ani-testbed" for more info).  We are planning to use the infrastructure at our disposal to "fill the pipe" with data patterns typical of High-Energy Physics (HEP) and evaluate this future network technology.  Clients and server machines in the test bed are available to us to install appropriate infrastructure (Lustre, Squid, etc.) to run our tests.  As of this summer the test bed will be only partially complete, with two 10 Gps links but we will use it to develop tests and evaluate it for the higher speed network coming in the fall.  We seek a student who can work independently and is interested in networking to work on this not-yet-generally-available technology.  The student will work with Fermilab staff expert in the HEP use cases.  If time permits, the student will also do similar tests on a lower speed Wide Area Lustre test bed from the Extending Science Through Enhanced National CyberInfrastructure (ExTENCI) project (see  This talk presents an overview of the testing plans on the ANI network test bed and the ExTENCI wide area Lustre test bed. 


Gabriele Garzoglio

Gabriele Garzoglio

Dave Dykstra

Dave Dykstra

Parag Mhashilkar

Parag Mhashilkar