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  Required Text

Java 5 Illuminated by Julie Anderson, Hervé Franceschi; Jones and Barlett Publishers; ISBN 0-7637-1667-7 (pbk.)






  • Go to www.eclipse.org.

  • Click on  “Downloads” on the left frame on the web page.

  • On the new page: (URL:  http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/index.php), click on Eclipse SDK.3.1 for windows OR go to “Other downloads for 3.1” for other operating systems.

  • You are now at the page that lists the possible download sites.  Select a site; once you click you will begin the download.  Be sure to remember where you are saving the download file.

  • Once you have downloaded the zipped file, you will need to have WinZip (downloadable, free from internet!) to unzip the files.  If you have Winzip on your computer then you can just click on the zipped downloaded file.  It will create a directory “/eclipse” on your computer and copy the files into the directory.

  • The default working directory is under the /eclipse directory.  If you send the eclipse program to your desktop you can easily specify another working directory (Properties -> Target -> add "-data c:/users")

  • Go to http://java.sun.com/j2se/downloads/

  • Click on  “J2SE 5.0” from the list of possible download sites.

  • Select the Download JDK 5.0 Update 4 which downloads the JDK (Java Development Kit) which supports creating J2SE applications.

  • This will take you to the actual download page where you can accept the licensing agreement and choose which operating system you will be using and whether you would like offline or online installation. 

  • This will download an executable zip file to your computer. 

  • You can then click on the zip file on your computer and install java.  A directory “j2sdk1.4.2” will be created on your computer and the files will be copied to this directory.