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Java 5 Illuminated by Julie Anderson, Hervé Franceschi; Jones and Barlett Publishers; ISBN 0-7637-1667-7 (pbk.)

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Project Fall 2006


Illinois Institute of Technology’s Payroll Department has requested help in designing a new database system to help keep the employee record in a better way. Somehow, you "were volunteered" for the project. You are told that the new system must be developed using an object-oriented design and must be written in Java. To speed up development and minimize errors, you are to reuse any of the data structure (e.g. ArrayList, HashTable, etc.) provided by Java.

Project Description:

The system loads employee data from a data file into the system database. The system allows adding new employee, deleting an existing employee or modifying the existing employee.  It also allows searching the database for an employee. The system should also have a feature to write the data back to a text or a data file.

For each employee, the system must keep the following information:

  • Employee id (integer)
  • Employee last name (string)
  • Employee first name (string)
  • Employee’s wage per hour (double)
  • Number of hours worked by employee in 2 weeks (double)
  • Employee's bi-monthly salary (double)
  • Number of off days taken by employee

Employee data file:

Employee data file (Employee.txt) is provided to you. The data in this file are in the following format:

 LastName      FirstName      ID        Wage              Hours              OffDays          Salary

Employee.txt file.

User Interface Commands:

  • Add a new employee: Prompt the user for the employee information and add the employee to the database.
  • Delete an employee:   Prompt the user for employee ID, and if it is found, delete the employee from the database.
  • Modify an employee:  Prompt the user for employee ID, and if it is found then allows the user to modify that employee data.
  • Search for an employee:  Prompt the user for employee ID and displays employee record if that id is found in the database.
  • Search for an employee:  Prompt the user for employee LAST NAME and displays employee record(s) if that last name is found in the database.
  • Display employee list: Displays all the employee records from the database (if database is not empty!)
  • Write employee records to a file: Writes all the employee records to a text or data file (if database is not empty!)
  • Quit: Exit from the program.