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Requirement Specifications Template

Design Specification Template


Text Book

Software Engineering:  8/E

Ian Sommerville, University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom

ISBN-10: 0321313798
ISBN-13: 9780321313799
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Copyright: 2006


Java Class Notes and Tutorial


Web Site Design Project

Slides are now available only thru Blackboard.






Chapter 1 Software and Software Engineering

Chapter 2 Process: A Generic View


Chapter 3 Perspective Process Models


Chapter 4 Agile Software Development


Chapter 5 Practice


Chapter 6 System Engineering


Chapter 7 Requirement Engineering


Chapter 8 (all Parts) Analysis Modeling


OO Design with UML


Chapter 9 Design Modeling


Chapter 10 Architectural Design

   MidTerm Exam


Chapter 11 Component-Level Design


Chapter 12 User Interface Design


Chapter 13 Software Testing Strategies


Chapter 14 Software Testing Techniques


Chapter 15

Product Metrics for Software


Chapter 21

Project Management Concepts

End Of Software Engineering Classes


Garage Door Repair Project