Plan to teach the following professional master program courses in fall 2008:

  • CSP 544: System and Network Security
  • CSP 545: Wireless Networking Technologies and Applications.

The CSP 544 course presents an in-depth examination of topics in data and network security such: Access control, authentication, security assessment, network and data security tools, and security policies. A significant hands-on component includes network incidents to detect and fix.

This CSP 545 course presents the foundation of wireless technologies and examine state-of-the-art wireless systems and services, including digital cellular systems (DCS, GSM, PCS), wireless asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), infrared data transfer (IrDA), wireless local area network technologies including 802.11b (wireless Ethernet) and Bluetooth, WiMax, (802.16a), Femtocell, and third-generation (3G) systems such as wireless code division multiple access (W-CDMA/UMTS) and cdma2000.  In addition, security for wireless systems including encryption and authentication issues will also be addressed (such as WAP - Wireless Access Protocol).