• Delivered presentations in seminars to customers in order to present DMS/IMS solutions, as well as the existing roadmaps for portfolio and features as they fit the reality of the network.
  • Made several technical presentations to numerous managers and researchers in technology forum and conferences to share project info, research ideas, and to teach new technology
  • Technical reviewer for several Journals and conferences such as: Journal of Software Architecture, Journal of Computer Network  (2006), IEEE 2007 Military Communication Conference (MILCOM 2007), International Conference on Communication (IEEE ICC 08), and more.
  • Guest speaker for several Software Engineering Seminars held in Illinois Institute of Technology and university of Ottawa to share several research papers and research collaboration.
  • Conducted training course in wireless and data networking for in-experienced and trainee engineers. Mentored newly hired trainee engineers during their development stages.


Selected Publications

Luay H. Tahat, Erik E. Anderlind, et al, ”Dual mode service: Learning from integrating an IP multimedia subsystem service into existing live networks,” Bell Labs Technical Journal. Vol 11.4 (2007):135-150


B. Korel, G. Koutsogiannakis, Luay Tahat, “Prioritization Algorithms for Regression Testing in Model Based Systems,” to be presented in the 3rd ACM conference on Advances in Model Based Testing (A-MOST), July 2007, London, UK


More Publications