In addition to industrial experience, Dr. Tahat contributed to several journals and conference proceedings in the area of software engineering and wireless technology. The results of this research were published in several conference papers and journal. He is also guest reviewers to multiple refereed Journals and conferences. . His research interests include software testing, software  maintenance, and wireless network solutions. The results of his research were published in several conference and Journals papers.  Click here for selected publications.

Selected Publications

Luay H. Tahat, Erik E. Anderlind, et al, ”Dual mode service: Learning from integrating an IP multimedia subsystem service into existing live networks,” Bell Labs Technical Journal. Vol 11.4 (2007):135-150


B. Korel, G. Koutsogiannakis, Luay Tahat, “Prioritization Algorithms for Regression Testing in Model Based Systems,” to be presented in the 3rd ACM conference on Advances in Model Based Testing (A-MOST), July 2007, London, UK


More Publications