Theory and Others: Related Funding, Research Overview,Selected Papers

    Related Funding:

  1. CMMI 1436786: Collaboratve Research: Coordinated Real-Time Trafc Management based on Dynamic Informaton Propagation and Aggregaton under Connected Vehicle Systems, a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation. Lili Du, and Xiang-Yang Li, $240,000.
  2. Social Network Dynamics: Belief and Information Propagation, PIs: Jennifer Miller, Xiang-Yang Li, Saniv Kapoor, IIT ERIF, 2013.1-2013.12, $20,000.
  3. NSF 1247944, EARS: Providing Predictable Service and Spectrum Access With Realtime Decision in Cognitive Multihop Wireless Networks, a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation. PI: Xiang-Yang Li, Co-PI: Erdal Eruklu. $498,122.
  4. USA NSF: Prefix-Free Vertex Coloring for Channel Assignment in OVSF-CDMA Wire-less Ad Hoc Networks. PI: Peng-Jun Wan, Co-PI: Xiang-Yang Li. NSF Grant CCR-0311174. 2003-2006. $187,474.00.

    Course Created or Taught at IIT:

  1. CS330: Discrete Structures (taught)
  2. CS430: Introduction to Algorithms (taught)
  3. CS530: Theory of Computation (taught)
  4. CS532: Formal Language (taught)
  5. CS549: Cryptography and Network Security (created and taught)

    Research Overview:

    In this research, Dr. Li mainly focus on designing efficient network structures for large scale wireless networks, understanding the capacity of large scale wireless networks, study the information collection and propagation for vehicle networks, and designing efficient algorithms for generating well-shaped meshes.