CS520 - Data Integration, Warehousing, and Provenance - 2022 Spring

Course Webpage for CS520 - 2022 Spring taught by Boris Glavic


The presentations for the curation project and literature review will be on 04/29 in zoom .

Timeslot Group Paper Members
09:30-10:00 2 Dataset Discovery in Data Lakes Kruthi K. Kanukuntla,Nikhil Khurana,Akshay Nitin Tandulkar
10:00-10:30 3 Summarizing Provenance of Aggregate Query Results in Relational Databases Austin M. Kartheiser,Adam P. Miller,Panthi C. Patel
10:30-11:00 15 Fine-Grained Lineage for Safer Notebook Interactions Maitreyi Avinash Chalke,Francisco Del Real Escudero,Nicholas A. Lyubenko
11:00-11:30 12 Alphaclean: Automatic Generation of Data Cleaning Pipelines Sowmya Nethagani,Geongu Park,Khiem T. Truong
11:30-12:00 4 Finding Related Tables in Data Lakes for Interactive Data Science Felix S. Campbell,Chenjie Li,Jinchen Tang
12:00-12:30 1 Properties of Inconsistency Measures for Databases Christopher Anthony,Samantha B. Berg,Hernan Razo
01:30-02:00 13 ABC of Order Dependencies Samyuktha Chinthakuntla,Hamza Jamshaid,Shivam Patel
02:00-02:30 6 Lenses: An on-Demand Approach to ETL Purva Yogesh Lila,Suraj Nammi,Shubham Singh
02:30-03:00 5 FastVer: Making Data Integrity a Commodity Rongbin Cui,Heyi Wang,Yuhao Wu
03:00-03:30 10 BEER: Blocking for Effective Entity Resolution Ahmad Bacha,Tianyi Hao,Xinyi Yue
03:30-04:00 7 Aurum: A Data Discovery System Pranava Brunda Manuguri,Susmitha Marripalapu,Yogith Reddy Venkanagari
04:00-04:30 9 A SAT-Based System for Consistent Query Answering Atharva T. Kadam,Shivcharan Bharathi LNU,Amrutham Lakshmi Himaja,Saikrishna Vinod Rachha
04:30-05:00 8 Reducing Ambiguity in Json Schema Discovery Somanshu Gupta,Pradeep R. Thapaliya,Shubham Tiwari
05:00-05:30 14 A Hybrid Approach to Functional Dependency Discovery Supriya Sunil S. Hinge,Jay S. Patel,Hrishika A. Shelar
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Published on 20 Apr 2022