CS520 - Data Integration, Warehousing, and Provenance - 2022 Spring

Course Webpage for CS520 - 2022 Spring taught by Boris Glavic

Midterm Exam

Monday, Mar 7, 2022,10:00am - 11:15am,Wishnick Hall 116

The exam will be 75 minutes long. It is closed book and closed notes . Some questions will be multiple-choice. Topics covered will be:

  • Datalog

    • Write datalog queries
    • Translate from datalog to SQL or relational algebra
  • Constraints

    • Write constraints as first-order logical formulas.
    • Translate constraints into first-order logical formulas. For example, given a functional dependency translate it into its first-order representation.
    • Translate constraints into denial constraints
    • Write denial constraints
  • Query Equivalence and Containment

    • Find containment mappings between queries to determine their containment relationships.
  • Create Schema Matchings

    • Determine schema matches based on simple schema-based matches such as edit distance with threshold or Jacard with threshold.

Solutions: Solutions are available here