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cs458 - Fall 2007


Homeworks and Exams

Here you'll find posted homeworks, exams (after you take them) and class results for assignments.

  • Hw1 Posted 10/21, due 10/30.
    • Hw1 results: max=%, min=%, avg=%, std_dev=
  • Hw2 Posted 11/25, due 12/4.
    • Hw2 results: max=%, min=%, avg=%, std_dev=

Class Presentations


No later than 9/18/07, each student must choose a topic for the class presentation. Select a topic from one of the categories below; let your instructor know if new categories and topics should be added to the list.

  • Network Security: Network Architecture, Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Wireless Security, Intrusion Detection Systems and Network Intrusion Management, Penetration Testing
  • Identity Management: User ID and Password Management, Authentication, Access Control, Social Engineering
  • Platform Security: Vulnerability Management, OS security, Secure Data Storage
  • Information Security Threats: Viruses, Worms and other malware, Email Threats, Web Threats, Emerging Information Security Threats, Identity Theft, Data Security Breaches, Hacking Tools and Techniques
  • Application Security: Email Security, Web Security, Secure Instant Messaging, Database Security, Secure Software Development, Encryption Technology
  • Open Source Security Tools
  • Forensics: DRM technology (including watermarking and fingerprinting of images, video and audio), Steganography and Steganalysis, Biometrics

Don't just select a category, instead select a topic that fits in one of the categories above. Be quite specific in what you want to do for your class presentation. For example "Web Threats" is not a good topic because there is too much to cover in this category and you only have a limited time to prepare and present; however "Cross-site Scripting", albeit still quite big, is something you can probabaly manage for the class presentation.


A "Y" in the "Live Presentation?" column means you'll present in front of the entire class. A "N" in the same column means your work will be graded based on your electronic submission only, please read the syllabus for detail.

Programming Assignments


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