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Yong Chen

Senior Research Associate
Department of Computer Science
Illinois Institute of Technology

Stuart Building, Room 013B
10 W. 31st Street, Chicago, IL 60616
Email: yong.chen [at] iit [dot] edu, Tel.: 312-567-3993

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Research Interests:

My research focuses on parallel and distributed computing, high-performance computing, computer architecture and systems software support for computational science in general. Specifically, my research interests include: (1) Optimizing data-access performance with effective caching, prefetching, scheduling and parallel I/O solutions (e.g. parallel file system, MPI middleware, etc.); (2) Modeling and evaluating parallel systems and applications, including profiling, benchmarking, tuning, etc.; (3) Exploiting novel programming paradigms and systems software support for computational science.

Current Projects:

Past Projects:

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