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Dr. Xian-He Sun is the Director of the SCS laboratory. He is a University Distinguished Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology, an IEEE fellow and a guest faculty in the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science at Argonne National Laboratory. His current research interests include parallel and distributed processing, memory and I/O systems, software system for Big Data applications, and performance evaluation and optimization.

Dr. Zhiling Lan is the Associate Director of SCS laboratory. She is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University in 2002. Her research interests are in the areas of parallel and distributed systems, and performance analysis and modeling.


Dr. Anthony Kougkas is the director of I/O research development within the SCS lab and the Lead Researcher on the multi-million collaborative NSF-funded project Hermes. He received his PhD under Dr. Sun and he is an expert in Parallel and Distributed systems, Parallel I/O optimizations, HPC systems, I/O Convergence, and I/O Advanced Buffering.


Stuart Building 
Room 112i, Room010 
10 W. 31st Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616


Phone: +1 312 567 6885