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cs470 - Fall 2009


Homeworks and Exams

All homework assignments will be posted here before the first day of class.

Make sure you always show your work. This way you may get partial credit in case the final result is wrong. In any event, please try to prove your statement(s).

  • HW-1 Posted 8/25, due 9/1/09
    • HW-1 results: max=100%, min=38%, avg=78.9%, std_dev=24.1
  • HW-2 Posted 9/1, due 9/8/09
    • HW-2 results: max=92%, min=24%, avg=68.6%, std_dev=23.9
  • HW-3 Posted 9/10, due 9/22/09
    • HW-3 results: max=190%, min=43%, avg=84.5%, std_dev=45.7
  • HW-4 Posted 10/12, due 10/27/09
    • HW-4 results: max=91%, min=40%, avg=61.5%, std_dev=21.3
  • HW-5 Posted 11/3, due 11/17/09
    • HW-5 results: max=97%, min=44%, avg=69.7%, std_dev=21.6
  • HW-6 Posted 11/16, due 12/1/09
    • HW-6 results: max=100%, min=82%, avg=90.7%, std_dev=5.4
  • Midterm
    • Midterm results: max=94%, min=35%, avg=61.6%, std_dev=18
  • Final
    • Final exam results: max=99%, min=60%, avg=75%, std_dev=13.9

Class Presentation



You must print out the lab documentation below, fill out the sections dedicated to your work and then turn it in to your Lab Instructor following the lab schedule outlined in the syllabus:

  • Lab-1 (Getting Started with SPIM)
  • Lab-2 (MIPS: The Virtual Machine)
  • Lab-3 (Control Stuctures in MIPS)
  • Lab-4 (Register Usage and Procedures)
  • Lab-5 (Memory Issues)
  • Lab-6 (Arithmetic in MIPS)
  • Lab-7 (Exceptions in MIPS)

Other Class Materials


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