cs330 - Spring 2002

This is the home page for cs330, sections 01 and 91.
The office hours of your TA for the last week of school are as follows:
  • Thursday: 10am to 12pm and again 2pm to 6pm
  • Friday: 10am to 12pm
All office hours will be held in room SB-003
Homeworks and Exams

Make sure you always show your work. This way you may get partial credit in case the final result is wrong. In any event, please try to prove your statement(s).

Failure to prove things earns you only 50% of the maximum for that particular problem in case the answer is correct, and nothing in case the answer is wrong. In case you can't prove something show at least your attempts or try to give an explanation of why you gave that particular answer.

If you have trouble printing your work, then make sure you email your work to the TA and carbon copy your instructor. This way you will avoid a late penalty. However, you must still turn in a hardcopy, no later than two business days after the work is due. You can drop your hardcopy in your instructor's mailbox in the CS Department, or otherwise slide it under the door of his office.

  • Hw1 (posted January 23) due February 11.
    • Hw1 results: max=96%, min=40%, avg=76%, std_dev=11
  • Hw2 (posted February 11) due February 25.
    • Hw2 results: max=100%, min=70%, avg=92%, std_dev=7
  • Midterm examination
    • Exam #1
    • Exam #1 results: max=96%, min=28%, avg=68%, std_dev=15
    • Exam #2
    • Exam #2 results: max=100%, min=16%, avg=68%, std_dev=18
  • Hw3 (posted March 17) due April 1.
    • Hw3 results: max=100%, min=49%, avg=80%, std_dev=12
  • Hw4 (posted March 17) due April 8.
    • Hw4 results: max=100%, min=45%, avg=87%, std_dev=10
  • Hw5 (posted March 17) due April 15.
    • Hw5 results: max=100%, min=62%, avg=91%, std_dev=9
  • Hw6 (posted March 17) due April 22.
    • Hw6 results: max=100%, min=40%, avg=86%, std_dev=13
  • Programming Assignment (posted March 18) due April 24.
    • Grading sheet
    • PA results: max=150%, min=23%, avg=109%, std_dev=27
  • Final

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